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Cristi Trusler

Cristi Trusler

I'm a mother of two very busy children, a wife and a full-time lawyer. I understand how busy life can get, but all too often, you can postpone doing the really important things – like planning for your family's future in the event of a tragedy.

I'm shocked at how often I hear parents saying, “I need to get around to doing a will.” That always surprises me, but many parents haven't even taken the most basic step of naming guardians for their children in the even of their death or incapacity. Overlooking this basic step can be very difficult on surviving children and loved ones.

I've tried to eliminate all obstacles to naming guardians for your children by giving the guardianship forms away for free and explaining to parents how to complete the forms themselves.

Needless to say, helping families prepare for the future is a passion of mine.

Part of the challenge I see for families is dealing with time and financial constraints. These constraints are often the biggest obstacles preventing people from getting their estates planned properly.

That's why I created the No Nonsense Will process. It allows families to get their critical Estate Planning documents prepared the right way for the right price with the right legal guidance.

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